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D-Box GPH 120
Price : $ 2,995.00
Overall Rating:
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 7.0
Value For Money : 8.5
Built Quality : 8.0
Portability : 8.0
PROS:One of the cheapest motion simulators, highly authentic feel

CONS:Not as hardcore as the d-box GP Pro 200 RC, is shaped more like a movie chair

CONCLUSION:D-box GPH 120 is a complete package seat for your home racing and movies, great pick if you want to graduate to motion simulation racing but want to be as economic as possible.

It always used to be so much of a dream to own a special racing chair. D-BOX GPH-120 isn t just a special chair; it is a lifemate. That is probably because it is really hard to get up out of the hybrid unit. The new chair combines the companys Motion system with a bunch of gaming goodies, to make this the single most important piece of furniture in your home. Featuring 2Gs of acceleration, the unit can accommodate hours of intense gaming. Once you need to rest your thumbs, the GPH-120 can make your movie-watching an interactive experience.
This unit differs from other D-BOX units because of the KAI-1P USB-connected D-BOX Motion Code interface. That triggers two actuators to deliver all of the action. Currently, the unit is only compatible with PC-based video games (and not all of them), as well as over 850 Blu-ray and DVD titles.
Also, this wild ride does not come cheap, at $2,995. It is a lot less expensive than other D-BOX units we have seen, and a home theater-styled footrest can also be added into the mix. Both should be available directly though D-Box in the first half of the year.
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