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Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit
Price : $ 1,295.00
Overall Rating:
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 8.5
Value For Money : 7.5
Built Quality : 9.0
Portability : 6.0
PROS:Solid built quality, nice design

CONS:Not a motion simulator, slightly on the expensive side

CONCLUSION:Rennsport simulator cockpit is a nice addition from the house of Fanatec. Solidly built this can be a long lasting racing chair for you.

The German-based Fanatec company has managed to come up with a couple of very attractive gaming peripherals, which will most certainly improve the “feeling” during intense gameplay sessions. This is also the case with the RennSport Cockpit, launched back in October 2008, a device which will help users get in their racing games like never before.
Featuring a Race Car seat design (as used in the GTR series), the Fanatec RennSport Cockpit has been built in an aluminum roll cage design that provides stability needed during intense races. Plus, since the company also produces other gaming accessories as well, the RennSport cockpit is fully compatible with all Fanatec Porsche wheels.
The gaming peripheral has been equipped with an extra wide seat, designed to provide more comfort while driving. The seat features a white fiberglass bucket (black carbon fiber optional), and can be adjusted on vertical and horizontal directions, as well as at certain specific angles. Also on the subject of adjustments, it's interesting to mention that this thing's pedals can be adjusted on horizontal direction, while the wheel's height and angle can be changed in order to better suite the users needs.
The system also sports an integrated shifter attachment on the right side (left side optional). Actually, the RennSport Cockpit supports the addition of all sorts of interesting extras, such as a sliding drawer for wireless keyboard directly under the racing wheel, a monitor bracket for up to three 24-inch monitors for full surround video and a monitor bracket for a single monitor up to 37-inch diagonal. Plus, also as an option, the system can be prepared to “receive” a 5.1 sound system. You can purchase the RennSport Cockpit from Fanatec for around 1,000 Euro, which is, indeed, quite a high price point, but worth every penny, given the enhanced gaming experience it can provide.
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02 Nov 2012
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