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Playseat SV
Price : $ 699.00
Overall Rating:
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 7.5
Value For Money : 7.0
Built Quality : 7.5
Portability : 7.0
PROS:Nice attempt to supplement for motion sensors - does not work tough, still we respect the attempt for the kind of price it comes for, nice comfortable sitting posture

CONS:Dont be fooled by the word “Vibration” the Playseat SV is in no way even near to any real motion simulator, the vibrations from the Subwoofer can cause dizziness.

CONCLUSION:Just in case you like to pet a Tiger but would be happy to pet a cat instead, this chair may be for you if u wanted a motion cockpit. We recommend going for regular Playseat Evolution over this one.

The Above mentioned price does not include the price of SIM wheel, pedals or display monitors. The SV features a solid construction while remaining lightweight, meaning its easy to move around the room. The models we tested were fitted out with the Logitech G25 racing wheel, which features a H-pattern gear shifter along with a clutch pedal. After sitting down in the seat and adjusting the length for the pedals we were ready to hit the road racing. Thats when the 2-way speakers hidden in the headrest started to kick in: crystal-clear sound booming around my ears so I could hear which side my opponents were trying to overtake from. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound. The 2-way speakers may have lacked a little in the low end, but this was rectified by the 5" subwoofer buried underneath the seat.
The vibration feedback from the seat itself does a great job in immersing you in the action; you can feel every bump, scrape and corner as you blitz through your favourite tracks. Combining the force feedback of the chair and the wheel and you have a great experience on your hands.
The race soon came to an end (with myself beating Tano, I might add) and our time with the PLAYSEAT SV was over. From those few laps I would happily recommend the product to any racing enthusiast looking to purchase a high-end product without shelling out for a full-on realism simulator. The PLAYSEAT SVs solid construction, lightweight design and force-feedback should please any racer in the market for a cockpit solution.
Features: Compatible with the Playstation2, Playstation3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii Gaming Consoles and Windows. Compatible with most console and PC steering wheel and pedal sets on the market. Seat upholstered with high-quality vinyl with a leather look and feel. Two 2.5-inch speakers concealed in the headrest. Built-in 5-inch subwoofer with a vibration motor enhances experience and puts you "inside" the game.
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