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VisionRacer VR3 Black Carbon
Price : $ 765.00
Overall Rating:
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 8.5
Value For Money : 8.5
Built Quality : 9.0
Portability : 7.5
PROS:Great sitting position, stunning design

CONS:Price may be a concern for the ones not so serious about sim racing.

CONCLUSION:WE are extremely impressed with the VisionRacer VR3. It is obviously expensive, so only the well-heeled enthusiast need apply, but just like 3D LED TV, its price doesnt stop the VR3 from being a seriously desirable piece of kit. Highly recommended.

Constructed from blackened stainless steel or carbon fiber reinforced steel the chassis is clearly a quality piece of design and engineering. It also comes incredibly well packaged, complete with the chair, its own set of tools and all the bits and bobs you need to put the whole chassis together in a single box. We dare say it probably isnt a simple job, but anyone who has managed an IKEA flat-pack (i.e. most people) should be able to manage it. It is amazing too, that despite ones initial presumption the VR3 doesnt have an excessively large footprint. Clearly its not small and most people would have to clear out a little space to accommodate it in their living rooms, but if you needed to stow it away then any reasonable size walk-in cupboard should be able to hold it.
The seating position left us extremely impressed. You get a comfortable and high-quality racing style bucket seat, which envelops you and holds you tight just as it should. Okay, so you dont strictly need this given you wont be going around any actual corners, but it is vital to creating the immersive experience the VisionRacer aims to offer. This seat is fully adjustable, too. It can be slid forward or back to find the right distance to the pedals, while the front section can be set to three different heights to find the ideal position for the steering wheel. Its really the pedal positioning thats key here, though. Anyone who has tried to use steering wheels and pedals will probably concur that finding a comfortable position for the steering wheel is pretty simple. Just clamp it to a table at a reasonable height and off you go. However, pedals are far more complicated, since they have a tendency to move around when put under pressure, which is hardly ideal if you are trying to brake hard at high speed. Theres also the issue of comfort, since its often difficult to find a seating position that doesnt cause your left foot to cramp up between periods of braking.
Its these kinds of problems that the VR3 entirely eliminates. Its seating position, which is more akin to a racing saloon or rally car than a single-seater, feels completely natural. It gives you a nice line of sight to the display, be it mounted on the frame or elsewhere, while the steering wheel and pedals are perfectly positioned to give you the maximum level of control. Its pretty much perfect.
There are a few things that can be added to basic rig, too. These include an LCD mounting bracket, as well as a mounting for the gear shift accessory that comes bundled with VisionRacers recommended steering wheel, the Logitech G25. Speaking to Geoff Turton, he told us that the recommended maximum LCD screen size is 26in if you are planning to mount it on the frame, which is a tad on the small side. Admittedly, though, you are sitting extremely close to the screen in such a configuration.
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