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Fanatec CSR Value Pack
Price : $ 249.00
Overall Rating:
Wheel Built Quality : 8.0
Pedals Built Quality : 6.5
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 9.0
Value For Money : 8.0
PROS: High quality steering wheel compatible to all platforms, nice force feedback, lighter and racier to turn compared to Fanatec 911 wheels

CONS: Ps/2 connection port between the wheel and pedals, missing the GT2 alcantara, CSR pedals does not feel as long lasting as the CSR Elite ones.

CONCLUSION: High quality Fanatec wheel the Fanatec CSR Forza Motorsport Wheel is compatible to Xbox 360 PS3 and PC, which means this will cater to almost all your racing needs. Consider the CSR Wheel and CSR Elite pedals combo before going for this one and the CSR Elite pedals are more superior.

This Value pack contains - Fanatec CSR Wheel and Fanatec CSR Pedals.
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