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Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Racing Wheel
Price : $ 149.00
Overall Rating:
Wheel Built Quality : 8.0
Pedals Built Quality : 7.0
Functionality : 7.5
Compatibility : 7.0
Value For Money : 7.5
PROS: Nice built quality, the signature Ferrari “Manettino” knob dial with lots of functionality, large 28 cm diameter, Dpad on “start engine” switch is a great touch

CONS: 270 degrees of rotation only, pedals built quality could be better

CONCLUSION: The Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 force feedback wheel is a decent buy if you are looking for a not so expensive game racing wheel and you are a Ferrari fan. Honestly the Logitech Driving Force GT is a much better and more functional wheel in this price bracket, though the pedals on the Thrustmaster F430 is slightly better than those on the DFGT.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 force feedback steering wheel is 28 centimeters in diameter, the wheel is an exact replica of the Ferrari F430 road car steering wheel. Features include 10 buttons on the wheel and the base, a D-Pad hiding behind the “start engine” button and the wheel’s most innovative feature – The Manettino. This wheel is compatible with the PC and Playstation 3.
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