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Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Scuderia Wireless Cockpit
Price : $ 249.00
Overall Rating:
Wheel Built Quality : 8.5
Pedals Built Quality : 7.5
Functionality : 9.0
Compatibility : 7.0
Value For Money : 8.0
PROS: Smart foldable design, complete portable cockpit design eliminates the need for a wheel stand, durable built quality and wireless interface, Ferrari “Manettino” knob dial with lots of functionality, large 28 cm diameter, Dpad on “start engine” switch is a great touch

CONS: May be slightly expensive for some as this is only an amateur to semi pro grade game wheel set, rotates 270 degrees only.

CONCLUSION: Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 wireless cockpit game steering wheel pedal set can be a nice addition your gadget collection. This tool looks stunning in flesh and is highly desirable, a very handy and smart tool to race at home with no need for table clamps, play fold and store we love that. Wish the wheel was a more professional one with 900 degrees rotation a better pedal set etc which could mean a win win proportion for this wheel.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Scuderia Wireless Cockpit is only compatible with the Ps3 or Playstation 3.
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