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Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Racing Wheel
Price : $ 129.00
Overall Rating:
Wheel Built Quality : 7.5
Pedals Built Quality : 7.5
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 6.0
Value For Money : 7.0
PROS: Rubber grip on wheel feels nice, button layout on wheel is nice and they are configurable, nice pedals at this price point also the pedals plates are adjustable which is great, force feedback is a welcome addition

CONS: Wheel diameter too small at only 10 inches, this is the only wheel set with a clutch that has only 270 degrees of wheel rotation, overall looks a little built to the cost

CONCLUSION: Thrustmaster RGT Force feedback Steering wheel is a nice semi pro wheel and is a good buy if you are fond of manual clutch shifting . Comes with force feedback which works great on PC games specially the Need for Speed games. Overall due to its small size though the wheel does not look as professional.

Detailed Review of The Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Racing Wheel coming soon.
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