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Logitech Driving Force GT
Price : $ 125.00
Overall Rating:
Wheel Built Quality : 8.5
Pedals Built Quality : 6.0
Functionality : 8.5
Compatibility : 8.5
Value For Money : 9.5
PROS: Big wheel diameter, decent force feedback and sensation, great price, wheel built quality and ergonomics, 900 degrees of rotation

CONS: Noisy to turn, pedals dont match up to the wheel quality

CONCLUSION: If you racing on the Ps3 and looking for an economic racing wheel, look no further. Logitech Driving Force GT is a very competent wheel with solid built quality and very decent force feedback, the controls work very well on the Ps3 and is also configurable for the PC. The pedals leave a lot to be desired for though.

Detailed review of the Logitech Driving force GT is coming soon. We have been using this wheel for past 2 years with many games and it is a solid performer, so highly recommended. This wheel is compatible with the PC and Ps3.
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