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Logitech G27
Price : $ 249.00
Overall Rating:
Wheel Built Quality : 9.5
Pedals Built Quality : 9.0
Functionality : 9.0
Compatibility : 8.0
Value For Money : 9.5
PROS: Best built mass market simulation grade wheel, high quality pedals, super silent wheel rotation, decent force feedback

CONS: Buttons are not labeled, wish there was a load cell option for these stunningly built pedals, mechanical dead zone might bug frequent Fanatec users , no xbox 360 compatibility

CONCLUSION: The Logitech G27 is still (in 2013) a great wheel if you like playing on Ps3 and the PC, impeccable rock solid built quality wheel. This can be a great first choice for kick starting your sim racing career.

Detailed Review of the Logitech G27 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PC and Ps3 coming soon.
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