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Fanatec ClubSport BMW M3 GT2 Wheel Rim
Price : $ 249.00
Overall Rating:
Functionality : 8.0
Compatibility : 7.5
Value For Money : 5.0
Built Quality : 10.0
Design : 9.5
PROS: It is the original wheel “I mean actually the original wheel” – that should explain its pedigree and built quality, great customization and adjustment option on the fly, peddle shifters are classic, super light racing grade materials

CONS: $ 249 just for the wheel rim is expensive just because you can only use is in games not real life, not compatible with the Xbox 360

CONCLUSION: Fanatec BMW M3 GT2 wheel rim for Clubsport base is an actual extract from the real BMW M3 GT2 race car, its built like a tank with graphite and its impossible to go more real than this. Should you buy one or not ? Well if racing for BMW is your passion or BMW is the only car you like – then you might think about getting one as honestly this wheel is way too expensive . The Rim cost $ 249 and the clubsport base another $ 449 that is $ 700 just for the wheel, calculate pedals separately and after all these you still cannot connect this one to your Xbox 360. My opinion – though this is the best of the line product and its amazingly good, I stick to the Fanatec CSR elite wheel.

Review of Fanatec ClubSport BMW M3 GT2 Wheel Rim coming soon.
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