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Xbox 360



Gameplay : 8.0
Graphics : 9.0
Realism / Physics : 8.5
Lasting Appeal : 8.0
Vehicle List : 8.0
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Xbox 360,Ps3,PC

PROS:Great visuals, realistic and unique handling mechanics, offline spilt screen multiplayer, nice recreations of tracks

CONS:Long slow loading menus, seasonal play gets repetitive

CONCLUSION:F1 2011 by Codemasters is the Official FIA Formula 1 racing game and it lives up to its license. Smooth graphic engine combined with unique handling makes this game a treat for any Formula 1 racing fan. Highly recommended for F1 addicts and also to the ones who have never played a F1 racing game before. The best way to describe F1 2011 is as an assault. The game assaults your vision with corners that are gobbled up beneath your car faster than you can blink. It assaults your ears with the authentic banshee-like shrieking of F1 racing. It assaults your reflexes with split-second race-breaking moments. You dont have time to think, just act. Formula 1 2011 places you on a ragged edge where to relax is to crash. At the end of a race – whether you have shrewdly held off the pack for the win, battled your way into the points or fought valiantly for position lower down the field – a pair of gnarled hands and a sweaty controller may be your only real reward, but the sense of accomplishment runs far deeper.
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