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Xbox 360



Gameplay : 9.0
Graphics : 9.0
Realism / Physics : 9.5
Lasting Appeal : 8.5
Vehicle List : 8.0
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Xbox 360,Ps3,PC

PROS: Improved graphics over 2011, Improved car suspension physics, better commentary and engine sound, offline split screen co-op championship, varied gameplay modes

CONS: Presentations and cut scenes dont do justice to the glamour and pace involved with the real Formula 1 sport

CONCLUSION: If you have been thinking for the past 2 years , if to invest on a Formula 1 game or not – we tell you, your time to decide and arrived. Codemasters F1 2012 is certainly the best and most complete Formula 1 game till date. Graphics and gameplay are super polished and realism is as good as it can get. Not for the faint hearted arcade racers, but if you love sim racing and Formula 1 as a sport – go get this one immediately.

F1 2012 is a Formula 1 racing simulation game developed by Codemasters Racing, this game promises to improve further on all fronts over the highly predecessor the Formula 1 2011 game. With accurately modeled licensed cars and detailed tracks the prospects look even brighter for the F1 2012 and specially when the handling is supposed to be even more realistic than the already very authentic 2011 game.




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