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Xbox 360

Gameplay : 9.5
Graphics : 8.5
Realism / Physics : 9.0
Lasting Appeal : 10.0
Vehicle List : 10.0
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms:

PROS:Super selection of cars, very realistic car physics, smooth gameplay and online experience, varied online and split screen offline multiplayer modes, Top Gear integration

CONS:Expensive but addictive DLC content, fear of a Forza 4 Ultimate Edition releasing soon, in game graphics can improve.

CONCLUSION:The most complete racing simulation available in the market today with the best selection of sim cars with very detailed specs and performance. Graphically much improved over Forza 3. A definite recommendation.

Forza Motorsport 4 has just sold around a mere 2 million copies, where it was actually expected to cross 5 million, as just an year back its main competitor Gran Turismo 5 sold over 7 million copies, but as far as negatives go, that is about it. Let this fact not distract you as Forza Motrsport 4 is as will always be remembered as a class leading and genre defining racing simulation of its time. Forza 4 is a clear class leader and the most complete racing simulation game available over all platforms, be it gameplay, graphics, car physics or the enormous varieties of cars that the sim racers get to choose from. Then probably the question would be, why did it sell just 2 million ? The reason is a very unique one, and it is called the “Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection” . Just 6 months prior to the release of Forza 4, Turn 10 released the Forza 3 Ultimate Edition will all the DLC cars and 3 popular new cars as Ultimate Edition Exclusives, this edition though sold well made the actual hardcore Forza fans feel cheated after buying all the DLC and supporting the Forza community for so long.

So the question again arises, how does this effect Forza 4 sales ? Well according to our survey conducted with over 500 gamers, almost 70 percent of the gamers who purchased or pre ordered the Forza Motorsport 3 initially is not going to buy Forza Motorsport 4 and instead will wait for the release of Forza Motorsport 4 Ultimate Edition – though no one knows when that is going to release or even if something like that is planned at all, but in case Microsoft and Turn 10 want our opinion, we would say, if you actually want to be good to your loyal fans and want Forza 5 to sell very well, please do not release any Forza 4 Ultimate edition ever, instead you can try decreasing the price of older DLCs over the time. That’s for the sales, now lets get into the facts. Why do we think Forza 4 is so good and so important as we say it to be. Well there are many racing simulations in the market, the GT5, Shift 2, the more hardcore rFactor 2 but all of them though have some strengths are nowhere as complete as Forza Motorsport 4. Call Forza 4 a game or a simulation or whatever, Forza 4 looks great and drives better. The gameplay menus are simple and the carrier mode is well organized with a vast selection of cars in very class from the lesser day to day machines to the super exotics to the mad endurance racers or retro classics. The career mode offers manufacturer oriented events as well as category oriented events in which the AI opponents behave very much like real world racing. On the online front the newly introduced Rivals mode can keep you engaged for hours making you try to beat your chosen rivals lap times. Kinect can be used as a controller for racing in Forza 4, but honestly speaking for such a realistic simulation such as Forza 4, Kinect is just a gimmick and of not much real use in this game. (I love the Kinect otherwise). Forza 4 is best played with a force feedback wheel or to elaborate further with a Fanatec Force feedback wheel and load cell pedals, though surprisingly playing Forza 4 with Xbox 360 controller is quite fun and does feel kina realistic still. Forza 4 also supports offline split screen multiplayer which runs smooth with no frame rate lags what so ever. The new Autovista mode comes with detailed documentary about some popular cars with Top Gear famed Jeremy Clarkson commentary in the background. Top gear is a part of Forza franchise now, and Top Gear Test Track in a playable track on FM4.

Graphically, Forza 4 is good and much better than Forza 3 but certainly not class leading, cars in the Autovista mode are newly modeled and we don’t feel anything can get closer to real life than that, but autovista experience is only limited to selected few cars, so what about the other over 600 cars that are not there is Autovista ? Well know this even they look stunning and more real life than any other simulation game in the market. Though the car graphics are class leading the gameplay graphics leaves a lot to be desired, the tracks though modeled well with lot of details, still does not look as cinematic as Gran Turismo 5, also the cockpit view lacks dimension inspite of having superb textures and detailing. Coming to cars and car physics, now including all DLC there are over 650 officially licensed real world cars in Forza 4, once again no other SIM comes even near as far as the selection of cars go. It is the only current sim racing title to house over 30 Porsche and over 30 Ferrari in the same garage. Each 600 above cars in Forza 4 has individual real world characters and behave differently from each other, which is even more apparent when driven with a force feedback wheel. You can test drive every car in their original setup in the free trial mode where every car and every track is already unlocked from beginning, this is a great thing which does not make it compulsory for non gamers (rather hardcore car addicts only who is not much into completing gaming careers and earn points) to complete long career stages to test and feel their desired car on their favorite racing circuit. This only goes to show that Turn 10 is not only concerned about gamers but real world car lovers as well, a salute to them for this one. FM4 also offers turing and tweaking options for the cars in the career mode which can be shared online or on the Forza community, these changes can be performance oriented or visual. Coming to racing circuits, though Forza 4 has some unique and beautiful selection of racing circuits like Top Gear Test Track, Infineon Raceway, Sebring, HockenheimRing etc, non inclusion of some very popular circuits like Monza and Spa Francorchamps is disappointing, some of the newly designed Forza original tracks though look stunning visually are very picturesque like the Bernese Alps.

Concluding – I would advice every sim racer with a Xbox 360 to get a copy immediately, even better if you love cars and dont have a x360 yet, I tell you buy both that is a new console and a copy of Forza 4. Trust me you wont be disappointed. Also for the more serious SIM racers, please dont forget to book your Fanatec wheel and pedals set, forza 4 deserves them.

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