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Gameplay : 8.5
Graphics : 9.0
Realism / Physics : 9.5
Lasting Appeal : 10.0
Vehicle List : 7.5
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Ps3

PROS:Realistic car physics, best graphics among all racing games, flawless online and offline experience and multiplayer, nice career mode in A or B spec

CONS:Premium and standard cars divide is disappointing, car list does not have balance and feels dated, there are more realistic handling car simulations in the market already mostly on PC

CONCLUSION:If Playstation 3 is your only console and you are a sim racer than this game is a must, Gran Turismo 5 though is a great game still does not live up to all of its expectations, especially after 6 long years of wait many areas still feel incomplete.

When we are posting this review, Gran Turismo 5 has already sold over 7 million copies which in itself say a lot about this game.
GT5 is the first Gran Turismo for the Ps3 and was released after a wait of 6 long years after Gran Turismo 4 which released on the Ps2.
Despite the sales figures and the long wait GT5 still fails to satisfy completely, as many areas still look unfinished. In GT5 the cars are divided in 2 groups, Premium cars – which are complete with cockpit view and detailed modeling and which you can buy from in game dealerships, then there are standard cars – which cannot be brought from regular in game dealerships, but from used car dealerships or online dealerships which both just stocks 20 models each at a time, these standard cars are either direct imports from Playstation 2 GT4 or from PSP Gran Turismo. Standard cars come with a dark silhouette of the car cockpit only with no real cockpit as the premium cars. Now since you know what the standard cars are, know this Polyphony Digital has been very high since they started promoting GT5 about a 1000 plus car list of new cars of which more than 800 are standard cars, which you cant even buy regularly in the game. Worst even cars like Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Zonda LM are listed as standard cars where cars like Suzuki Cappuccino and Daihatsu (I forgot the name) are premium cars, this we feel is a kind of insult to the supercar lovers. But there is always something good, premium or standard all Gran Turismo 5 cars are equally great and realistic to drive.

Gran turismo 5 handling is a great balance between hardcore simulation and more casual gaming, where though the cars feels very realistic are still drivable with all assists turned off. Another good part you can also control the strength of traction control and ABS from a scale of 1-10 which on games like Forza 4 is ON or OFF. Speaking of realism GT5 certainly feels more realistic to drive than NFS Shift series or Forza 3, still does not match up to the standards of some new generation hardcore car simulations. Specially the tire data or say when the tires are losing grip it still feels a little like arcade games and the sounds unnatural , also playing with the Ps3 DualShock 3 controller makes the arcade feel even more prominent. Career play on the GT5 is well designed and fun to play on with different events both on Online or Offline sections. B spec though not of any real importance is a good tool to earn some GT5 money while you can do some other work, as some premium cars in Gran Turismo 5 are very expensive so B spec can be a good method to get some money to buy them without you physically getting involved much. Better option for Polyphony – just reduce the price of in game cars, the pricings of which now follow no rational standards.

Selection of racing circuits are impressive, with Spa, Monaco and many other iconic tracks. We also love the go carting circuits and the GT5 original tracks. GT5 offers an arcade mode (which does not mean that the cars start handling like arcade games) which is basically the off career single race or time trail mode for any other game. Good part about this is – fine at least Polyphony thought it important to keep such a mode, bad part – it only has around 50 cars and all others has to be bought in the in game career than mark as favorites so that you can actually play them in the arcade more, more than 100 cars cannot be marked as favorites at a time, we couldnt really understand the need for such a complex procedure, hey it s a game which we want to enjoy not a high school exam where you make our lives as miserable as possible. Graphically Gran Turismo 5 is undoubtedly the best looking racing game across all platforms, even Forza 4 does not come close. All circuits are crafted with optimum details and look beautiful, also the premium cars with cockpit view looks very dimensional and super real.

On the whole GT5 is a great game, but since the expectations were too much it couldnt live up to all of it, but still managed to sell 7 million copies. A definitely buy if you own a Ps3.

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