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Game News

Xbox 360

Gameplay : 8.0
Graphics : 8.5
Realism / Physics : 9.0
Lasting Appeal : 9.5
Vehicle List : 8.5
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Xbox 360

PROS:Four player offline splitscreen gameplay, smooth racing at 60 fps, nice track textures and lighting, great handling physics with front and rear braking, 2005 and 2006 motogp seasons included

CONS:Longer load times and interface mostly similar to older motogp 03, most of the nicer bikes comes locked and has to be unlocked

CONCLUSION:Motogp 06 is a highly satisfying moto gp bikes simulation experience, though handling not as hardcore and authentic as the newer SBK X, or SBK Generations – are still a class above anything that released during its time. The front and rear brake mechanism works flawlessly as is a treat to ride. Also guys looking for offline party with friends at home – this is till date (2012) the only simulation (bikes or cars) to offer four player offline splitscreen support. If you like moto gp or any bike racing games – this Motogp 06 is a must have for your collection.

Awaiting MotoGP 06 detailed review.




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