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Xbox 360



Gameplay : 9.0
Graphics : 8.5
Fun Factor : 9.5
Lasting Appeal : 8.5
Vehicle List : 7.0
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Xbox 360,Ps3,PC

PROS: Fast paced over the top action racing, large varied open world, sharp flowing graphics and frame rates

CONS: The handling physics so unrealistic – it makes the existence of the few licensed cars that are there almost irrelevant

CONCLUSION: NFS Most Wanted 2012 is for those fans of Hot Pursuit 2010 or Burnout or even Blur. This games combines the goods from many past successful arcade racers and delivers a stunning high voltage open world game.

There is hardly a moment you are not racing while playing Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012, be it when driving in the open world or accessing menus or being chased by cops, such is the nature of this game. The open world delivers a stunning combination of urban and long route landscapes, with lot many destructible objects. Also the entire open landscape is open from the very beginning with no locked areas. Most of the 41 licensed cars are also accessible from the start – of course you have to find the new car to drive it.

The driving mechanism of NFS Most Wanted 2012 lets you drive through open rooftops, large manhole pipes, advertisement hoardings and what not. Cop chases are the biggest highlight of the game with Cops going to any extent of stopping and hunting you down with road blocks, choppers and what not. Users cannot play as Cops is a little disappointing though. Another good point to remember is it is always advisable to upgrade your rides so that you can be more competent during those mad police chases.

The aim of the gamer in NFS Most Wanted 2012 would be to become the most wanted racer – and in the course you get to find exotic cars hidden on roof tops, smash advertisement hoardings for upgrade discounts (seen this on Forza Horizon too – cant say who got inspired from whom) and defeat Most Wanted Bosses in Boss battles. On the whole a joyous ride across and around the nicely crafted virtual world, recommended for any and every arcade racing fans. Car buffs or simulation racers please stay miles away – realism is a word, this game utterly hates.


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