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Game News

Xbox ONE

Gameplay : 7.0
Graphics : 8.0
Realism / Physics : 7.0
Lasting Appeal : 8.0
Vehicle List : 8.0
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Xbox ONE

PROS:Best selection of Cars that you get in any other racing game either on console or PC

CONS:Not available on Xbox 360, Keeping some very important cars from initial car list so that they can be sold as DLC, Apart from some graphical enhancements the game feels almost identical to Forza 4, Lots of new simulation features that could have been in a next gen console game are missing, No compatibility even for the Forza branded Fanatec wheels.

CONCLUSION:Forza Motorsport 5 is very much a Forza game, now though that is the good part, the bad part is it still feels just like a better looking Forza 4 with lesser cars. This is certainly not the right time to go for the Next gen consoles (at least wait for a year for the bugs to be fixed), but if you already got a Xbox one, you might as well try this game.

Forza 5 looks good, just like all other previous forza games, but that is it. The only reason that this game could sell well would be 1) Not too many games are available for the Xbox One and 2) You are dying to drive the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari on your simulator.

This is an expensive game, as most buyers will be lured to bye the super exotic cars released as DLC later and which are expensive.

Still no support for Motion cockpit or D-Box motion code. Dear guyes at Turn 10 - simulation racers are looking for next gen simulation features and not gimmicks.

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