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Gameplay : 7.5
Graphics : 8.0
Realism / Physics : 9.0
Lasting Appeal : 8.0
Vehicle List : 7.0
Overall Rating:
Available Platforms: Ps3

PROS:More realistic driving over GT5 with improved suspension setup, Best selection of racing circuits over any game, Availability on Ps3.

CONS:Cars still does not sound as realistic as Forza, Kiddish collusion sound, Car list believes more in quantity of cars rather than quality.

CONCLUSION:Gran Turismo 6 is a Gran Turismo game from Polyphony Digital and it has to be good, and there is no doubt abot the fact that is a robust game and probably one of the best to appear on this Gen of consoles ever. But when it comes to meeting the expectations of the franchise fans who have been eagerly waiting for the successor of the 10 million copies seller GT5, this game leaves a lot more to be desired. Well if you are a GT fan, please do get a copy anyways.

Being a successor to a game that has sold over 10 million copies is not an easy task, but Gran Turismo 6 has no other options but to take the challenge. But the question is, does it deliver ?
At the very first I should tell you that Gran turismo 6 is a much bigger game when compared to Gran Turismo 5. There are more cars, there are amazing new race tracks and of course new online features, but does size always matter, well NO. GT6 feels more or less like GT5 with 5 great add on tracks, some 30 odd new cars and a better suspension set up, that is it.

Gameplay – GT6 follows almost the same career model as GT5 with new front end menu design but the same old race start menu and HUD. The load times are amongst the longest of all racing games, at times taking upto 30 seconds. I am not saying that the menu or HUD is bad, as they looked great in GT5, but to get nothing new feels a little awkward.
In the beginning of the career you get very little options to buy cars, the race credit system is very miserly and it would take a long long time before you can actually think of buying a Lamborghini or Ferrari. When in the race the game really takes the drivers seat though, and with an improved suspension set up over GT5, this game feels all the more realistic. AI cars though a little more brainy than before, still are very reluctant to pull off from the racing line, even though you are stuck up behind it in a much faster ride. Collusions and damage sounds and looks as artificial as ever, these being the most criticized franchise weaknesses are not at all taken care of, which is SAD.  Driving on the moon is fun though.

Realism and Physics – Gran turismo 5 was already very realistic, and this game further improves on the driving. Still when compared to the rFactor 2 or iRacing, fans might want a little bit more.
Graphics – GT6 looks as good as GT5 – now that is neither insulting the game nor praising it. GT5 looked gorgeous at its time but 3 years have passed since and today next Gen Ps4 and Xbox ONE are here, but still there are many more popular games around which does not look as good as GT6. Though the tracks and some newly developed cars look fine, not all is that good. Many older car models that are still included in the game look pre historic and when compared to the life like realistic cars from Forza 5 on Xbox One – these old car models are so embarrassing.

Car list – Here you get 50 to 60 odd new cars over GT5 and you get all the expired standard cars from GT5 within the regular car dealerships which makes browsing for new cars the single biggest challenge and the most time consuming feature of the game.
GT6 once again highlights the stubborn nature of its development heads with the inclusion of around 60 Mazda Miata (almost identical)  , 100 Nissan Skylines (almost identical) , 50 Honda S2000 (almost identical), 40 Mitsubishi Lancers etc etc. What Polyphony has also done is merged the lines between standard and premium cars, not making all the cars premium but just mixing them.
It is now very difficult to know that the car you are buying is standard or premium. Also since all the manufactures have standard and premium cars mixed, it now takes almost 5 times the regular time to pick the right car from many popular manufacturers like Honda, Nissan etc.

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